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When I Grow Up

When I Grow Up4 Star Rating
When I Grow Up
"When I Grow Up", Written By Al Yankovic

You ought to read When I Grow Up a quality children's book. The author is Al Yankovic and it was published sometime in February of 2011 by HarperCollins. The child's book has 32 pages. For the greatest price on this book and other items, check out our store add to shopping cart button on this site.

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Author:Al Yankovic

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Amazon Finest Books in the Month, February 2011: Eight-year-old Billy provides a flamboyant show-and-tell presentation, reciting for the class and his hapless teacher Mrs. Krupp, all the professions he has in mind for his future. Billy's carefree enthusiasm is contagious, and also the bubbling rhythm of When I Grow Up tends to make it a lively read-aloud. From master snail trainer to dinosaur-dusting museum curator, the possibilities he imagines are seemingly endless. Billy's great-grandfather is his inspiration, having had many different jobs and who, at age 103, still doesn't know what he wants to be. --Seira Wilson Amazon Exclusive: A Q& A with Al Yankovic

Yankovic: When I was eight? I'll guess that was regarding the time when I wanted to be a fireworks-maker. I think chronologically that was sometime after I wanted to design miniature golf courses but before I wanted to develop to be a writer for MAD magazine. Thankfully I didn't blow any fingers off.

Yankovic: I was an accordion repo man. During my summer breaks from college, I had a job giving accordion lessons to kids at a nearby music school. Accordion Repo Man! If they ever stopped taking lessons and didn't return the instrument, it was a job for. The kids normally didn't personal their own accordions, so we had to lend the instruments out. for so long as they had been still taking lessons.

Q: Kids talk about being “ grown up” a lot. What does it mean to be “ grown up”? Heck, we all do.

Being “ grown up” obviously signifies different things to distinct people. To most folks, I assume the definition has something to full with all the added responsibilities of adulthood as well as the capability to generate more important decisions about one's own life. ” as a kid, it was hardly ever meant as loving, constructive advice. Growing up is an essential transition, and hopefully a incredibly positive one— although, strangely, whenever somebody told me to “ Grow up!

Q: At one particular point Billy ponders becoming an “ artist who sculpts out of chocolate mousse. and hard! If you could sculpt something out of mousse, what would you create? ” That sounds scrumptious.

Yankovic: Well, of course, I'd make the mousse into a moose! I mean, I hate to be obvious, but I just can't resist homonyms… What else?

Yankovic: Hey, it's a terrific thing to think about. Find your passions in life. And always remember: It's never too late to change your mind. By all means, explore your options.


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